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ProStock holds a cattle sale every Wednesday at 9am.  First time sellers - see the FAQ tab for guidance.

With our website, ProStock is able to offer more convenient and new services to our clients. With technology moving forward there are opportunities for ProStock to offer our clients faster more accurate information as well as new products we have never been able to offer. The new site which is designed to give our customers easier access to Reports, News and other information on our products and services. In addition we will be offering advertisements for Livestock, Equipment, Feed, 

The internet has allowed stock to be offered to a client base that has had limited access before. We are seeing stock travelling vast distances because of the internet. People are able to see what they are buying and get good quality descriptions before they even make an enquiry.

This has been a growing trend over the last 12 to 18 months and we see this as an opportunity to offer stock to a wider market and to add value to the product. Not every animal is suited for being advertised on the internet but some are. If you are interested in listing any of your stock with ProStock  ask one of our friendly staff to help you.


For all information for Southern Livestock Exchange Mt Compass please click here.

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By Thursday 10am, market  information from the Wednesday sale will be uploaded to this site.

Clients have the ability to have their own User ID and Password  to log in and obtain their individual sale details for the current market or a history of all market transactions dating back to July 2012.



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Latest News

Annual Breeders Sale 13/01/17

Our annual breeders sale will commence at 10am at the Mt Compass Sale Yards (43 Saleyard Rd Mt Compass SA 5210), Friday the 13th of January 2017.

A/C CD Olsen
27 Ang/Fries X Hfrs 2yo PTIC to “Koolah” Black Ang Bulls.
Top quality Hfrs, well grown.
Dams of Hfrs were large framed good producing Cows.
Bucket reared. Bull 9/05/16.
6 Hereford/Ang X Hfrs 2yo PTIC to “Koolah” Black Ang Bulls.
Good type Hfrs, very quiet. Bucket reared. Bull in 9/05/16.
11 Ang/Fries X Hfrs 2yo PTIC to “Koolah” Black Ang Bulls.
Good type Hfrs, quiet. Bucket reared.
1 Bull in 9/05/16.
17 Ang X Hfrs. (Ang over xbreeds).
A/C TJ Whittlesea
11 MG Hfrs 2yo PTIC to Black Ang Bull – this line of Hfrs
are extremely well bred, very quiet and well grown.
Bull in 13/05/16.
A/C T, G & S Bennett
9 Ang & MG/Fries X Hfrs calving as
2.5yo PTIC to MG Bull. Well grown, excellent condition.
Bucket reared.
8 MG/Ang – Fries X Cows PTIC to MG Bull. Large framed
Cows in good condition.
A/C Pondyong Murray Greys
(Gales, Back Valley)
4 MG Hfrs, calving as 2.5yo, 2 nd & 3 rd generations
Woodburn bloodlines. PTIC to MG Bull.
Bull in 16/05/16. Well bred Hfrs, very quiet.
A/C GJ & R Hutchinson
3 Red Ang 2.5yo Hfrs PTIC to Black Ang Bull. Bull in early
May, out Aug. Well grown, very quiet.
4 Ang X Cows Mxd age PTIC to Black Ang Bull.
Bull in early May.
A/C Auldhearn Past. Co
5 MG Hfrs rising 2yo, PTIC to Ang Bull.
A/C Ag & P Robertson
4 Ang Hfrs 2yo PTIC to “Karinga” Black Ang Bull.
A/C IAS, DE, IC & GE Martin
2 MG Hfrs rising 2yo, w/- beef CAF.
A/C B Bowyer
2 Fries/Ang X Hfrs, unjoined, 7 months. Bucket reared.
Well grown.

A/C W & R Trading
13 Black Ang Cows PTIC to Black Ang Bull. Calving Feb.
Mxd ages. Extremely quiet Cows, great condition, large
frame. Proven vealer mothers.
A/C Marbel Past Co
10 Black Ang Cows, due 3 rd calf to Black Ang Bull. PTIC
Commence calving March.
(Calves recently sold as vealers.)
2 Red Ang Cows due 3 rd Calf to Red Ang Bull. PTIC.
A/C RC & CA Trevilyan
65 Ang/Fries Hfrs 2-2.5yo. To be preg tested. Bulls in
8/05/16 out end of June. Bucket reared, well grown.
Large frame Hfrs.
4 Ang Hfrs w/- Ang CAF.
A/C The Tiers Pastoral
40 Ang Hfrs 2-2.5yo w/- CAF
(No. pending on how many calves
prior to sale.) Good Medium frame Hfrs.
Calves Nov/Dec drop.
6 Dairy X Cows w/- 2 nd & 3 rd CAF by Ang Bulls.
Medium to large frame Cows, bucket reared.
A/C P Williamson
17 MG Cows w/- 3 rd CAF by Ang Bulls. Calves Aug-Dec
drop. Not Rejoined.
A/C Hilton Creek Pty Ltd
3 MG Cows w/- CAF. Calves 6-8 weeks old. Cows Mxd age.
A/C RAC Property
2 Ang/Fries Hfrs 2.5yo w/- Ang CAF. Bucket reared,
large frame Hfrs.
A/C Glen Fern Angus
12 Ang/Blk Simm Cows, PTIC 2 nd -3 rd Calves to Ang Bull.
Out of stud Cows. Bull in 1 st June.
A/C Hancock Props
17 Mxd age Ang Cows. R/W Maryvale Limo Bull. Bull in 20/05/16.
Due to calve 27/02/17.
A/C JL & AB Schutz
6 Ang Hfrs
6 Ang/Hfd X Hfrs. Bull in 25/04/16.
PTIC to MG Bull.
A/C Binnowie Downs
9 Hfd Cows 3yo, PTIC. 2 nd Calf to Ang Bull Red Tag.


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