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Q - I haven't sold at ProStock before - what should I do before selling my cattle?

A - Ensure that you complete our Vendor Information Collection Form.  This form captures all information that we will require to sell your cattle.  It is important that you have (1) A current NVD book / eDec (2) A PIC (Property Identification Code), and (3) a LPA (Livestock Production Assurance) number.  If you are a Hobby farmer, an ATO declaration is required so that we don't deduct withholding tax from your payment. 

Q - I am unsure if my National Vendor Declaration (NVD) book is current?

A - The current NVD book has an identifier of C0413.  If your book does not have this NVD identifier, a new book, or alternatively purchasing of eDECs is recommended.

Q - I don't have a Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) number - How do I obtain one?

A - In order to obtain the best possible sale price for your livestock, a LPA number is required. Contact Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) on 1800 683 111 to obtain an LPA number

Q - I have sold my livestock - when can I expect payment?

A - Our payment terms are 14 - 16 days from sale date.  Contact us on the Monday following this time if payment hasn't been received. Ensure that we have EFT details so that we can deposit directly into your bank account.

Q - I currently receive payments via cheque - can I receive deposits directly into my account?

A - For sure - we encourage all vendors to supply their bank account details so that we can make EFT payments.  Contact the office to provide this information.

 Q - Does ProStock offer livestock financing?

A - Yes we do, we have a relationship with StockCo - see their website for detailed information on their offering.  Should you wish to progress this further, chat with your ProStock agent, or Scott Endersby in the office on 8556 8497 or mobile 0409 677 426.

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