Wed January 20th 2021

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ProStock holds a cattle sale every Wednesday at 9am.
First time sellers - see the FAQ tab for guidance.

With our website, ProStock is able to offer more convenient and new services to our clients. With technology moving forward there are opportunities for ProStock to offer our clients faster more accurate information as well as new products we have never been able to offer. The new site which is designed to give our customers easier access to Reports, News and other information on our products and services. In addition we will be offering advertisements for Livestock, Equipment, Feed,

The internet has allowed stock to be offered to a client base that has had limited access before. We are seeing stock travelling vast distances because of the internet. People are able to see what they are buying and get good quality descriptions before they even make an enquiry.

This has been a growing trend over the last 12 to 18 months and we see this as an opportunity to offer stock to a wider market and to add value to the product. Not every animal is suited for being advertised on the internet but some are. If you are interested in listing any of your stock with ProStock ask one of our friendly staff to help you.

For all information for Southern Livestock Exchange Mt Compass please click here.

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By Thursday 10am, market information from the Wednesday sale will be uploaded to this site.
Clients have the ability to have their own User ID and Password to log in and obtain their individual sale details for the current market or a history of all market transactions dating back to July 2012.

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