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Sell Livestock

Sell Livestock

Selling Livestock With Prostock

ProStock offers a complete service for our clients including farm management, transport, mustering, buying, selling and equipment hire.

Our friendly and helpful team can provide all you livestock needs, making it easier for you.

We offer hire of portable cattle yards and a portable RPM cattle crush with full head restraint.

For ease of loading and unloading cattle ProStock has a double decker loading ramp that allows for better safety for all, within the transport and livestock industry.

Our selling ring is a seated selling area where cattle are weighed at the point of auction and the weights are displayed for the buyer to see.

Cattle are drafted and sold as per vendor consignment and all livestock buyers are able to easily see the cattle for sale.

Enter your details below to book you cattle for sale. If you are a new customer please fill in our online new client form or you can download our PDF version.

Cattle Documents

Ensure that you complete our Vendor Information Collection Form.

This form captures all information that we will require to sell your cattle.

It is important that you have

(1) A current NVD book (C0413) / eDec

(2) A PIC (Property Identification Code), and

(3) a LPA (Livestock Production Assurance) number.

If you are a Hobby farmer, an ATO declaration is required so that we don’t deduct withholding tax from your payment.

To register for a PIC (Property Identification Code) visit https://pir.sa.gov.au/biosecurity/animal_health/property_identification_code_pic

To order an NVD book or use the online NVD / eDec service visit https://lpa.nlis.com.au/Account/Login

To sell at the weekly market a current and financial LPA number is required. In any case to obtain the best possible sale price for your livestock, a LPA number is recommended.

Contact Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) on 1800 683 111

Saleyard Booking

Our Cattle Markets are held every Wednesday (except Public Holidays and during the Christmas Period) at 43 Saleyard Road Mount Compass, starting at 9am.

Cattle sold at the weekly market must have current LPA certification

To book your cattle into the market call the office on 08 8556 8497, use our online booking form or contact one of our agents in your area.

Cattle need to arrive on the Tuesday by 9pm. Cattle need to be accompanied with the NVD / eDec on delivery.


Before Pickup

Cattle need to arrive on the Tuesday by 9pm. Cattle need to have ear tags and be accompanied with the NVD / eDec on delivery.

If you need your cattle transported to our yard please call the office to book your cattle in for transport or use our online booking form.


ProStock can assist you with the transport of your animals. We have a range of trucks to assist with any size jobs.

Simply call the office 08 8556 8497 or fill out or online booking form with your details.

Prices for transport depend on the number of animals transported, type of livestock, location/destination and time frame.

Before Pickup

Cattle need to have ear tags and be accompanied with the NVD / eDec at pickup.

Cattle will need to be yarded and ready to be picked up by the Tuesday morning. We are unable to provide pick up times as this depends on the pick up schedule for that particular day.

Please ensure that the ramps are accessible. If you need a heads up of arrival, please let the office know and we will call on departure.


Market Report

Market Report 14th April 2021

Market Report 14th April 2021 Yarding 878 Dave Wittenbury of Quality Livestock reports on a better quality market this week. We again broke the record with a top price of $6.03/kg, beating last weeks record price of $5.99/kg. Light store steers ranged from $4.10/kg to $5.50/kg, heifers were $4.20/kg to $5.10/kg. Heavy steers ranged from […]Continue reading

Market Data

Stay tune for personalised reports coming soon. Until then get your market data from here.

If you want personalised filters then please request a login from our office.

Sale Date Type Breed Sale Method Lot Head c/kg Avg kg Avg Amt Tot kg Tot Amt
21 Apr 2021BULLHEREFORDWeigh112731,185.03,235.051,185.03,235.05
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh21289885.02,557.65885.02,557.65
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh312891,050.03,034.501,050.03,034.50
21 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh412891,000.02,890.001,000.02,890.00
21 Apr 2021BULLHEREFORDWeigh51277675.01,869.75675.01,869.75
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh61280755.02,114.00755.02,114.00
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh71291905.02,633.55905.02,633.55
21 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh81289785.02,268.65785.02,268.65
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh91289945.02,731.05945.02,731.05
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh101285805.02,294.25805.02,294.25
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh111269770.02,071.30770.02,071.30
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh121287805.02,310.35805.02,310.35
21 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh131311865.02,690.15865.02,690.15
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh141245875.02,143.75875.02,143.75
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh151270915.02,470.50915.02,470.50
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUS XWeigh161245495.01,212.75495.01,212.75
21 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh171285885.02,522.25885.02,522.25
21 Apr 2021BULLSIMWeigh182291682.51,986.081,365.03,972.15
21 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh191295920.02,714.00920.02,714.00
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh2012901,095.03,175.501,095.03,175.50
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh211285690.01,966.50690.01,966.50
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh221277810.02,243.70810.02,243.70
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh231253750.01,897.50750.01,897.50
21 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh242301720.02,167.201,440.04,334.40
21 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh251293945.02,768.85945.02,768.85
21 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh261293925.02,710.25925.02,710.25
21 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh271279525.01,464.75525.01,464.75
21 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh281279590.01,646.10590.01,646.10
21 Apr 2021COWSIMWeigh291293745.02,182.85745.02,182.85
21 Apr 2021COWSIMWeigh301279680.01,897.20680.01,897.20
21 Apr 2021COWSIMWeigh311290750.02,175.00750.02,175.00
21 Apr 2021COWSIMWeigh322300917.52,752.501,835.05,505.00
21 Apr 2021COWRED A ANGUSWeigh331257730.01,876.10730.01,876.10
21 Apr 2021HEIFERSIMWeigh341349580.02,024.20580.02,024.20
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh351249555.01,381.95555.01,381.95
21 Apr 2021COWCHXWeigh361279645.01,799.55645.01,799.55
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh371270645.01,741.50645.01,741.50
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh381257650.01,670.50650.01,670.50
21 Apr 2021COWMURRAY GREYWeigh391293665.01,948.45665.01,948.45
21 Apr 2021COWMURRAY GREY XWeigh401291645.01,876.95645.01,876.95
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh411229480.01,099.20480.01,099.20
21 Apr 2021HEIFERA ANGUS XWeigh421347640.02,220.80640.02,220.80
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUS XWeigh431265655.01,735.75655.01,735.75
21 Apr 2021COWHEREFORDWeigh441267715.01,909.05715.01,909.05
21 Apr 2021COWHEREFORDWeigh451283575.01,627.25575.01,627.25
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh462237582.51,380.531,165.02,761.05
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh472297680.02,019.601,360.04,039.20
21 Apr 2021COWA ANGUS XWeigh481197425.0837.25425.0837.25
21 Apr 2021COWHIGHLANDWeigh492251510.01,280.101,020.02,560.20
21 Apr 2021COWHIGHLANDWeigh501271560.01,517.60560.01,517.60
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Getting Paid

When selling your cattle through Prostock the net proceeds from your sale will be paid within 7 days of the sale via EFT transfer. Payment for Cheque is also available.

Bank Details

Enter Your Bank Details To Receive Your Payments
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